The key to success comes from the people you have on your team. We truly understand this, and thus the reason. Perwita Nusaraya has retained the highest quality leadership and employees on its staff. Our team has the experience and skills to recruit, process, and train the most sought after candidates and crew in Indonesia.

With a commitment to efficient, proactive, and expedient communication and service, our aim is to obtain our mission with excellence. Through the many years of being established in Indonesia, and with the many relationships we have fostered, we can effectively source from many educational and hospitality establishments, and ensure expedient processing of crew members without any bureaucracy or delays. Our services will be including of :

One of our goals is make the Indonesian Manpower member the number one choice for the maritime industry. We feel we can achieve this goal due to the intrinsic values of compassion and excellence ingrained in the culture of the people of Indonesia. We look forward to providing you with the quantity you need at the highest levels of customer service.

We are here to serve!